What is the price of TRIMS Grounds Management Software®?

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Will TRIMS run on a Network?

YES, TRIMS is built on a robust multi-user database engine that allows multiple users to access and modify data files concurrently. File and record locking procedures insure that your files will be updated without any data loss or file lockup problems.  TRIMS includes a multi-user license for two concurrent users and is Network compatible with Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8, and 10. 

Can I install TRIMS on several computers?

YES, you can install TRIMS onto 2, 3, or 5 computers all networked together allowing only two concurrent users accessing and updating the data files at the same time.  Additional Multi-User capacity can be increased by the purchase of additional user licensing.  

Can I use TRIMS on my iPhone, iPad or Android Device?

YES, see TRIMS Cloud Computing

Can I setup Passwords for several users?

YES, TRIMS Password System allows the TRIMS' Supervisor to restrict access to individual Program Functions. Use the Passwords and Access Rights to allow read/write, read only, or restricted access privileges to individual users.

Can I import data into TRIMS?

YES, in many instances we are able to import your Chart of Accounts, Inventory, Equipment Data, and Personnel Information at the start of using TRIMS. You will require the assistance of a TRIMS Technical Support Technician.

Can I export data out of TRIMS?

YES, you have several options available to you:

- When printing reports you may export many reports directly into Excel for further modification or save all reports in PDF Format using an included PDF Printer Driver.

- TRIMS Custom Report Writer enables you to extract information quickly and easily from your system's database file to create customized reports and provides you with a powerful "ad hoc" query that will enable you to verify the contents of a database file.

- TRIMS Open DataBase Connectivity allows you to use your TRIMS data files with Microsoft Office®, WordPerfect Suite® and other ODBC compatible software to create specialized spreadsheets, reports, graphs and labels.  

Does TRIMS work with any Mapping Software?

YES, TRIMS is compatible with mapping software such as ArcView® to allow equipment, property and tree data to be mapped.  TRIMS data files contain GPS coordinates which will export into ODBC compliant GPS/GIS Mapping Software programs.

Can TRIMS be customized to meet my specific needs?

YES, the TRIMS Software includes numerous Software and WorkStation configuration options that will allow you to configure your system to meet most data recording and reporting requirements.  The custom report writer will allow you to produce reports from existing data to meet your specific requirements.  

If you have specific requirements for data recording and reporting that is not provided by the TRIMS Software, we will be happy to discuss your needs and consider them for a future product update.