Identify the equipment and areas you wish to monitor.  You can choose equipment, grounds areas, buildings, parks, trails, campgrounds, sports fields, playgrounds, golf course, and much more.

Keep up-to-date records including preventative maintenance schedules, repair logs, usage history, supply and fuel records.

TRIMS Equipment and Property Records are updated automatically whenever Labor Activities are entered, Work Orders are processed, or Fuel Tickets are recorded.


Effectively schedule required maintenance activities on equipment and property areas.  Work Orders and Service Check Lists are printed for scheduled maintenance events as a reminder to your crew of special requirements, procedures, and recommended spare parts.


Accurate maintenance cost and equipment usage tracking helps you to make the right "repair or replace" decisions without guesswork.  Hidden costs such as aging equipment needing frequent repair can be quickly identified and dealt with before expenses get out of control.


Maintain inventory of individual components located at a specific site or within a group.


Maintenance scheduled by usage hours/miles or days since last service
Categorize Equipment or Property by Group and Type
Comprehensive reporting options allow for selection of specific Equipment or Property and Equipment Groups
Year-to-date and Lifetime repair costs, supply costs, usage history, and fuel costs are automatically tracked
Equipment or Property Photos can be stored and printed on Work Orders, Check Lists and other Maintenance Reports
Includes Jacobsen, Toro, and John Deere Equipment Maintenance Schedules
Calculate Depreciation using one of (3) Standard Accounting Methods
Track Lease Information and Payments
Build your Equipment List quickly with Equipment Fast Load