TRIMS Budget & Expense Tracking module is a complete Financial Recording and Reporting System.  With TRIMS, all your information is instantly at hand.  You will know exactly where every dollar and labor hour was spent.

Track operation and maintenance expenses with ease.  Setup options allow you to configure TRIMS to meet your specific recording and reporting needs.  You can customize your chart of accounts or use the template provided.

No more hours spend wading through invoices and files to come up with figures at budget time!  TRIMS software users consistently report their budgets take less time to prepare and look more profession than ever before.

You will be able to substantiate the validity of additional budget needs with accurate reports that justify your cost estimate.

TRIMS provides detailed expense records that allow you to make informed purchase, replacement, repair, hiring and budgetary decision.  Bar Graphs, Pie Charts and Line Graphs illustrate your Annual Budget, Current Expenses and Year-To-Date Budgets vs. Expenses.


TRIMS integration automatically collects expense transactions and places them in the proper accounts.

Transactions are captured from Employee Labor Records, Purchase Orders, Work Orders, and Inventory Transactions. Expenses for all types of activities can be recorded.


User defined Account Number formats
Account Inquiries show up to the minute activity for month and year
Monthly and Annual Budgeting
Monitor and report expenses for up to 999 different departments
Indicator shows when Expense Accounts are Over Budget
Informative reports show Budget Progress, Variance and Previous Year Comparison
View and Print Pie Charts and Line Graphs at any time
Three Year History on Each Expense Account
Optional Column Display of Current Budget and Current Expense
Up to Eight Thumbnail Graphs on Main Menu show Monthly or Year-to-Date Budget/Expense Information